Monday, October 27, 2014

Bike'n With My Buddy

We went up north to bike parts of the Katy Trail and had a wonderful little trip.  I think mini trips are my favorite.  A few days from home in the fresh air, the Missouri River, wineries all over the place, great food, and my best friend Jim.

A very small sampling of the many photos we both took.  These are all mine, except the one of me that Hubby shot.

The gorgeous Missouri River, maybe a bit of what Lewis and Clark saw.  Awesome views from the winery (and great wine, some of which made it home with me.....)

Hubby taking a break from his bike to photograph. 

Me taking a bike break to do a quick little painting.

A couple of shots from the great old hotel we stayed in the first night.  I'll share some of the B&B we stayed at in a later post.  All was lovely!

Saw many wonderful barn quilts!

Vibrant fall colors galore!

Spooky little tunnels to bike through......

And to close...... grabbed this shot yesterday evening on our way home from dinner.  The crescent moon is always my favorite!

Happy Fall!


summersundays-jw said...

Beautiful photos! Sometimes we forget all the beauty so close to home. Thanks for sharing! Jan

Tammy Burks said...

Love all the pics, maybe if I show them to Kenny, I can get him to go sometime!!