Monday, November 17, 2014

Cold, Ribbons, and Studio Time

It's all arrived!  Cold, wind, snow..... the holidays!  Very busy in studio, home and at work.  No time lately for blogging, but wanted to get something out before Thanksgiving and related busyness sets in.  I've been playing with my triloom and shawl making.  Added some ribbon embellishment, and quite happy with the results.

This pretty coral/green combo sold the first day I took it into work at the Vintage Suitcase.  I've since sold another in blue and rosy jewel tones, have another in the shop in lovely shabby antique creams, and one on the loom in grays, blacks, and lavenders.  It's great fun to choose all colors, sizes, and textures of ribbon for the embellishments.  Some I tea dye, but all I scrunch up wet and let dry all wrinkly and crinkly.  We have the best ribbon assortment in the shop you'll find just about anywhere!

I've been knitting mittens with crocheted pretty ribbon borders.

I'm currently knitting my fourth pair!

Of course, always rug hooking.  Tammy and I organized a little hook in at Ivy Jeans a week ago.  I began this piece.

I think I'm going to incorporate the collaged fiber piece that's next to it somehow.  I did that piece a couple of years ago to use this sweet little swatch of antique paisley.  I hope it will come together well, and for once, have the perfect place for it.

Loving Sketchbook Skool.  I've been sketching in public places with friends Mary and Tammy, who are also taking the class.  As you can see, wine is usually involved.....

Heading back out into my cozy studio for some more weaving.  Stay warm, and have a lovely Thanksgiving!


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Tammy Burks said...

Your shawls are turning out to be absolutely amazing!!! Not so sure I'm in love with the really COLD weather we had today, but perhaps I'll pick up my hook and do a bit tonight.