Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Destination Eureka Springs

Hubby bought a new car a month or so ago, and we haven't had the weather or time to take it on a short road trip.  This past weekend was perfect with temps in the 60's, so we hopped in and headed to a favorite little village south of here, Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Eureka is a small very old community nestled into the the side of an Arkansas mountain.  It's Victorian and rose around the properties of it's healing spring waters.

Above is one of the old bath houses.  Eureka has been a home to artists and mystics over the years.  I've enjoyed many trips and the wonderful characters I'd see about.  Much of that has changed as it's become the destination of tourists, B&B's, and motorcycles.  But the spirit is still there.

We discovered this little cave, many of which are accessible throughout the town.

Once inside we found this sweet little altar.  I think it would make a lovely painting.

This little yellow cottage has always been one of my favorites.  The size can be deceiving as many of the homes drop 2 and 3 stories below the street built into the mountainside.

Finding the quirky and odd is still pretty easy in Eureka.  Nothing says "Christmas" like a dino dressed in lights!

There used to be a theater production called "The Passion Play" which I believe has been closed for a long time.  But the symbolism remains on the mountaintop.

The mountainside gardens are beautiful, well kept, and lovely even in the dead of winter.

Eureka has nice galleries and shopping, but we chose to use our day for a hike through this hilly burg.

We were married in Eureka 12 years ago on the winter solstice.  Our tiny private ceremony was in what was then known as "The Old Stone Church".  It's now a theater.  Very fitting transformation to this lovely old structure.

We had a wonderful day, and of course I took my current knitting project with me, just in case!



Jennifer Richardson said...

You and hubby are both so beautiful! And Eureka is calling to me after that wonderful tour guide. Would love to visit.
Thanks for making my world
bigger and more lovely:)

summersundays-jw said...

Eureka Spgs. should use your photos in their advertising. They're wonderful! I love ES. Think I'll rent one of the pink cottages & go spend a week. Love Jim's new car! Jan

Nancy said...

I can see why you return often. It hold such special memories of your wedding day but oh what a great place to be rejuvenated. Thanks for a beautiful tour; I'm adding it to our bucket list....

Cathy G. said...

Hi Dulcy,
Believe it or not I have been to Eureka Springs but quite a few years ago! My parents would travel in the winter to Hot Springs with their 5th wheel camper and I went down one year to stay with them awhile. We toured the area and spent a little time there! Would love to revisit some time! Thank you so much for sharing your romantic day with hubby and his hot car!! Now that's the way to travel!!
Cathy G