Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Luscious Color Leads To Lots Of Creativity

Spring is practically officially here.... and I've kicked it off by planting pansies, sorting through and replenishing bits of my wardrobe, and lots of hooking and weaving!

I've made a few more shawls.... and just LOVE the ribbon addition!

The one above I paired with this sweet little bag (bag already sold).  Love all the greens, pinks, and blues...... I made this same one below, minus ribbon, as a gift for my friend Maria.  She just moved to Greece and I felt the luscious greens and blues were the perfect colors to go with her new life.

Recently dragged home the sweetest new find!  This pretty little shabby, but much loved, velvet chair.

My latest hooked piece fit perfectly on the back.  Size and colors!

Of course, the addition of a new chair means new slip covers for the previous chair that was in that corner, as it's been moved.  I'm feeling the need for lots of springtime updates.  Love heading into my studio for new possibilities!



Tammy Burks said...

Wow! You've been a shawl making machine!! Can't wait to see the chair in all it's glory!!

Jennifer Richardson said...

the colors of your life
are dazzling, dulcy;
I love the way you invite
the earth inside to play:)
everytime I come around here,
my creativity is stirred.
thank you that:)