Monday, April 6, 2015

Snowdrops and Rugs

One of my very most favorite flowers is the snowdrop.  I LOVE how it sits so patiently under the snow and freezing cold temps, yet still blooms it's pretty delicate white flowers.  I've been dividing a few plants around one side of my home under the kitchen window.  I didn't get pictures of them this year, but hooked this pillow instead.

I had lots of fun playing with wool and color.  I would love to have a whole field of snowdrops greet me each spring!

Rug hooking has had me in it's grips since Christmas!  I've finished four or five pieces.  I've been leaning towards more geometric patterns and some abstract.  Thought it would be easy.  Not in the least!  I guess I've hooked so many pieces with a motif of some kind over the years, that going abstract is kind of difficult.  But, I love the challenge, and love playing with color.

I made this piece and just couldn't live with it.

The photo is a bit enhanced, but what bothers me is several things.  First, I decided it would be a nice place to attach this little fiber collage I did years ago.  I've always like the little piece, but couldn't decide what to do with it.  So I thought the colors might look nice with this rug.  There is a lot of gold in the collage, which was not in the original rug.  It's color palette is mostly rusts, blues, creams, peach, and a bit of soft green.  Well..... #1 The collage just looks to stuck on and out of place, even though I tried to avoid that, and make it look like it belongs.  It doesn't.  #2  I added some gold into the background of the rug to tie in with the collage.  Just didn't work.  #3 I have that hideous, out of place horizontal line.  I had to hang this and live with it to see all that didn't work and bothered me.  So I made the necessary adjustments......

Took off the collage, took out the gold, took out a few lines so it didn't look so boxy.  And, I think it works better horizontal than vertical.  I now have another large abstract that's going to get "the treatment".  It's all in the practice, and as long as I've been hooking rugs, I'm still learning.



summersundays-jw said...

I'm not normally an abstract kind of a gal but I love your abstract piece anyway you choose to hang it and the pillow is beautiful.

Tammy Burks said...

It feels good to fix something that didn't set right with you. Almost better than creating something new.