Saturday, February 20, 2016

Snowdrop Love

I'm a bit of a Galanthophile....  In other words I'm a lover of snowdrops.

It's that very short, but very sweet time of year, and my snowdrops are in bloom!

I only have five clumps of these lovelies, but have been transplanting from this mother plant and hope to have many more.  This little plant has been in this spot, most likely, somewhere between 30-50 years.  I'm just guessing by the age of our house.  Our house is actually 87 years old, but was moved through a creek bed about 50 years ago to it's current home on our little shady hill. We've been  here only 13 of it's many years.

I've used snowdrops in my hooking.........

I made this little pillow last winter.  I especially had fun with color on this project.

I painted this little snowdrop with a vase of flowers in my sketchbook.

This was a fun session last summer out sketching at B2 coffee bar with my art girls Tammy and Mary.  Nice memory.

My most recent snowdrop .....

This was a watercolor sketchbook assignment on flowers from Jane LaFazios class I'm currently taking.

Snowdrops are so tiny and delicate.  I also just love the green and white.  And I admire the way they can poke up their little heads during the worst cold and snowy weather, but still survive.  There's lots of varieties of these beauties, and some collectors pay literally thousands of dollars for just a bulb or 2.  Sort of like the tulip mania hundreds of years ago in the Netherlands.  I'm going to keep transplanting these darlings, and hopefully someday, be able to enjoy my own little snowdrop field right outside my kitchen window!


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Jennifer Richardson said...

I love snowdrops too!
Brave little bells:)
This is a feast over here...thanks
for sharing the beauty around:)