Friday, February 5, 2016

Keeping Up The Color

The first week of February is when I pick up something to force bloom inside.  I've still got winter in my bones, but can't help myself from adding just a wee bit of spring in my home.

I like to watch the blooms slowly appear.  These tulip buds were completely unopened when I purchased them up at the grocery on Tuesday, but becoming more gorgeous everyday.

I also cut a few limbs of forsythia..... those are my favorites to watch!  The tiny yellow flowers are so sweet, but it will be at least a week before they start to show.

February also means pinks and reds.  I ordered this beautiful Noro Silk Garden Solo yarn and made these two shawls for the library gift shop.

I love them curled up next to my hooked snowdrop pillow.  I have clumps of snowdrops just starting to sprout outside.  Sooo looking forward to their little white heads!

I've been painting my little green flea market metal teapot for Jane LaFazio's class.  This first is continuous ink line to paper.  No pencil or picking up the pen until done.

Then I played around with my first effort that I really didn't like.  Instead of trashing it, I added some design and a bit of washi tape for interest.  Sort of dressed the poor thing up a bit.

I'm my best when surrounded by color and art.  Looking forward to Jane's next class that combines sketch booking and water color in a mixed medium format.  Practicing flowers right now.....  more later.

Happy Weekend!


summersundays-jw said...

I cut forsythia too....the little buds were so big. Hasn't bloomed yet but can't wait. I spend every day packing. Where did I get so much "stuff"? Thanks for giving me a little Spring today. Jan

Jennifer Richardson said...

I feel the same way about's red tulips and purple hyacinth
and crocus and early daffodils. My first bloomed today in the snow:)
Big joy to you as Winter wears itself out,

Julia said...

Hi Dulcy, I love your pretty tulips. How nice to have them bloom in the house. They sure bring some splash of color to gladden the heart. Mine are still under lots of snow. The ground is still very frozen but winter will soon loose it's grip.
I hope that you had a Happy Valentine Day.

Julia said...

I almost forgot to comment on your lovely paintings Dolcy. I don't think I could draw on the canvas without first penciling in the lines. You're good.