Saturday, January 30, 2016

Making Things And Finding A Sparkle

Gorgeous day in the Ozarks!  Woke up to four deer in the yard and a groundhog on the brush pile.  Signs of a great day.

I got a bit ambitious this morning and finished my new Valentine's scarlet flirty ribbon shawl.  It's another fabulous Noro color in the cozy but lightweight silk/mohair blend.  Love this color!

I'm trying to decide whether to keep this beauty or take it to our wonderful library gift shop to sell.  Our gift shop, Between Friends, is just the best.  Money made from purchases go back to the library, plus there's no tax.  Win Win!

Having a blast in Jane LaFazios sketchbook and watercolor class.  I worked a bit with plants last week.

I picked some raggedy winter rose hips and rosemary.  Lots of improvement could be made, but I'll leave it alone for now.

Had a lovely evening of food, wine, and friends with my art group last week.  We took over the back room of Tea Bar and Bites and did some sketching and watercolor.

I did this little teapot.  Kind of sweet.

A good friend recently said "everyone's life needs a sparkle".  Well.... My sparkle came in an acquisition I made several months ago of a handmade primitive cabin (as in doll house).

My reason for wanting a doll house is rather long, and goes way back to childhood memories.  I'd lately seen several fabulous antique ones on Ebay, Etsy, and Instagram......but hugely expensive!  Then I found this one (well one like it but a different color) on Etsy made by the awesome company Gooseberry Creek Designs.  It's completely hand built, hand carved, with custom paint job and wonderfully distressed.  I just adore it!

Gooseberry also makes furniture.  Yesterday I received some new pieces.

I made a couple of little wool sheep to add some livestock.  I also added two little punch needle rugs that add just the perfect primitive touch.

The folks at Gooseberry (which I believe is just Candy and her husband) custom make all of it, and sign and date everything.  I'm getting ready to make my own little hand painted dishes out of clay.  It is my sparkle!

I'll end with this little gift sent to me by my friend Mary.  If you're a knitter or crocheter, I think you'll find this article very interesting!

Health Benefits Of Knitting

Have a lovely weekend.


Peggy said...

Dulcy, I'm so glad you're back -- I'm with you, I love Instagram, too, but blogging is different -- you sort of have to show up to actually publish a post. I love the shawl, I love your way with color, and the doll house is going to be so fun for you (and me vicariously). :) xoxo

Nancy said...

Dulcy, I love the red shawl. It's such a gorgeous color and knitting or weaving with Noro is a delight. I love the way you said the doll house was your 'sparkle'. We all need a 'sparkle' in our lives. A passion that fills our heart with joy and we get lost in it. Please continue to share with us as you decorate and make things to bring it to life. I have read other articles such as the one you shared about knitting and crocheting and the phrase " diminished chance of developing mild cognitive impairment and memory loss" is enough to keep my fingers moving....Have a great week....

Julia said...

What a cut little doll house and the furniture to go with it. You are very cleaver crafting those two little sheep. They are adorable.

You have many talents and your water color painting might be not exactly what you would like to accomplish but it looks mighty good to me. You must feel great satisfaction with your beautiful shawl. I think it generous of you to donate the sales of your weaving to help the library raise money. It looks so soft and beautiful.

There are so many benefit to knitting and I wish I had more time. I used to knit a lot when I was younger. I need to improve on the tension. You can tell where i start and stop. lol.
Have a great February.