Friday, April 15, 2016

Spring Magic

It feels really magical around our house this time of year.  Everything is big, wild, and green!

I feel like that sense of magic carries over into my life and creativity.

I'm just loving building papermache teacups!  I will be part of a spring sale in a couple of weeks, and I've decided to add several of these.  Using up recycled paper to make these little cuties is great fun!

I like to make them look a bit grungy and old, then tie natty looking ribbon on the handles.

Last weekend I went to Texas and met up with my friend Mary.  We attended the Dallas Fiber Fest and had a great time lusting over all the hand dyed yarns!  I thought I'd never make another pair of socks, but couldn't resist this pretty yarn.  It has a real vintage feel.  Making more of a shorty sock for spring.  Much quicker knit!  All the colors in this picture inspire me!

Another magical piece of my picture is my little cabin dollhouse created by Gooseberry Creek Designs.  I've added a bit of spring to the porch.  The rug is a little punch needle brooch I made several years ago, and the sheep is a winter Saturday project my friend Tammy and I cooked up.

And the downstairs is looking cosy too.

Still painting away in my Jane LaFazzio watercolor and mixed media journaling class.  This past week we were to choose a subject, and draw it using different methods.... creating a journal page.  I chose to draw some of my jewelry.

Hope you're feeling a sense of magic this spring.......



Peggy said...

I am crazy in love with your teacups, Dulcy, thanks for the link. And your classwork is just wonderful, the soar necklace looks real enough to reach in and scoop it up! xo

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

I never heard of just a thing as paper tea cups...I'm intrigued.