Friday, April 29, 2016

Time to Create & Time to Rest

This is what it looks like today from the upstairs bedroom window.

A bit out of focus, and shooting through the window and screen, but I never grow tired of this view.  Lush with rain and spring.  Peonies are just beginning to open, so lots of sweet smelling bouquets.  The black locust is blooming now (white flowers of front view) and just smell heavenly.  Keeping the windows open!!

I'm resting this week, as the past month has been busy, and I've worked hard.  Ended well with my husbands show, my sale, and good friends visiting.

I was part of a sweet little spring bizarre on Sunday at Tea Bar and Bites Cafe.  Lots of fun creative types, and lovely friends.  Great way to spend a pretty Sunday.  I sold shawls, and let go of some "gently used " hooked bags and pillows.  Had a few second thoughts on selling things I'd worked hard on, but such fun to move on to friends!

Here's the lovely Valerie!  She snagged up a bag before I was barely unpacked, and by the end of the show was the proud owner of a new shawl.  I was the lucky one, as I was able to acquire two of her gorgeous crocheted bracelets.  I haven't photographed those, but will share next time.

I was able to get in some knitting during the sale, and finished my "shortie" socks.  This is a soft, but vibrant, merino super wash I picked up at the fiber fest in Texas.  It's called "Vintage" and I just love the colors!

Since these are done, I can get back to my never ending log cabin scrappy throw.  Three more blocks to outline in the joining color, stitch together, done!

I feel creatively drained right now, so lots of gardening, reading, and knitting.  Although..... feeling the pull of rug hooking again.  I may draw something up before the day is over.  Another bag maybe????


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Amy McPheeters said...

As always, lots of pretties! I wish I had thought to ask to see the log cabin blanket in person when we were there. Next time!