Monday, May 9, 2016

A Shot Of Gudrun

I didn't think anything could get me excited to rug hook again, until I bought this pretty top from the Gudrun Sjoden catalog.  I'm a big fan of her "everything".  Each new season I think "no more Gudrun" and then she comes out with a new line of artful clothes made from organic cotton in places to create a sense of economic sustainability, and I'm a goner.  Casual dressing fits my lifestyle.... mostly jeans...but I do like to add art and color.  Here's a shot of my newly hooked bag and my Gudrun blouse (you can only see a bit of that... but sleeveless and wonderful!).

I made another one of these little pouches that I call my "Midnight Garden" bags for the library gift shop.  It's displayed with one of my shawls.  A gorgeous teal in a silk/cotton blend.

Here's a couple of closer shots of the above bag.

It's funny how one simple thing can jump start a creative process (for me anyway).  With the blouse, I also ordered Gudrun's new book.  Oh my gosh!  It's big, colorful, and full of inspiration.  Plus it tells the story of her 40 years in business.

Aside from all this hooking and weaving, I'm gardening up a storm.  I think I'm going to add one more hellebore to my front garden, and  call it a wrap.


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Unknown said...

I must have over looked this beautiful book in her last catalog...thanks for bringing it to my attention! I love her style!