Saturday, May 28, 2016

Blooming Posy Bags

I've started making my little over the shoulder hooked bags again.  I really enjoy the process of design, color, and texture.  I would sort of like to start hooking something large, but haven't felt pulled that way, and frankly, don't have room in my home for another large piece.  Of course, I shouldn't say that because new becomes old, and old usually finds it's place over chairs on the porch, or home on my studio floor covering spots on the carpet I can't seem to remove.  And anyway, it's about the process....right?

So here's a quick look at a couple of bags I created last month that were exciting and fun to make.

First, I have what I like to call my "Dazzling Dahlias" bag.  I used some of my "sexy jersey" wool that I purchased from Deanne Fitzpatrick.  Great fun to hook with!  Nice and soft, and lends itself to clipping and twisting.  The background doesn't show up very well here, but it's a gorgeous slate/eggplant blue with a tiny gold thread runny through.  Really works well with the jersey pastels.

This little bag is currently for sale at our library gift shop, "Between Friends".

I was so in love with the background color (because, for me, it's always about the color) that I did another.  I like to call it "Gorgeous Gerbers".

Lots of pretty proddy on this one.  It's also at the same shop.

A happy pair!

 Weaving happening too.  Shawls in shop that I failed to photograph, and a gorgeous pink on the loom.

All is well and in color!



Gayle said...

SO lovely!

Peggy said...

Dulcy, I love the bags. You have a way with color that is pure joy! xoxo

P.S. Do you ever sell online?