Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Knitting Knitting Knitting

Did you know that last Saturday was World Wide Knitting In Public Day?  No?!  Well, I did and invited Tammy along to find somewhere interesting to knit.  We decided on a favorite haunt, Inspirational Home in Galloway Village.  We found a cool and cozy little bench by the creek, and the lovely proprietor, Debra, was so kind to take our picture.

We didn't get much knitting done, but had a fun day drinking tea, some knitting, and browsing a bit in this lovely little eclectic shop by the creek.

I finally finished my "forever" log cabin knitted throw.

I love the fact that all the colors were made with leftover yarn from my shawls.  So, lots of pretty Noro color.  The border is an acrylic I bought that was pretty cheap, but the color works well.  I'm happy with the results, and glad it's done.  These large projects seem fun at first, but get to be a bit of a drag after awhile.

Knitting some socks for hubby with this gorgeous sunny gold yarn

ordered from my friend Dag.  She spins and dyes gorgeous yarns.  This is my husbands favorite color, and it's very modeled with lovely striations of shades of yellow and gold.  Very soft too, so nice to work with.

Excited to begin another little knitting project.  I ordered a pattern from Ravelry to make one of these super cute little croft houses.

I just love little houses!  Also looks pretty easy and a great use of small yarn bundles.  Cute gifts!

Very very hot here..... gardening only in the mornings, outings and projects in the cool indoors.


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Amy McPheeters said...

Make sure hubby turns up his jeans cuffs when he wears those socks!