Thursday, June 16, 2016

Happy Day

Today has been fun for the following reasons:

- package in the mail
- surprised visit from a my friend, Ann
- finished another shawl
- hydrangeas!
- wearing my new pretty red glasses

I won't go into all of above, but here's a peek at my happy day........

I received a lovely package today from Peggy at Woman With Wings.  I've admired all her creative endeavors, and really love her stitched moon clothes.  We did a little trade, and today I received the June Cloth.... my birthday month!

Love the color, little house with eye, the calendar, the complete composition!  So charming.  Thanks Peggy!

I finished another shawl in my favorite Noro yarn.  A gorgeous grass green in a cotton/silk blend.

I already have one of these green lovelies, so added this one to my Etsy shop.

I hosted a class on hydrangeas for our local chapter of Master Gardeners Monday evening.  Our extremely knowledgable presenter shared her love of hydrangeas.  Mine are, for the most part, full and lovely this year.  I put one pretty white bloom in my little vintage heart vase I found while flea marketing with my buddy Tammy.

I have lots of blue and pink plants, but not wanting to cut blooms yet (tip:  leave blooms on plant until color is completely full.  the cut blooms tend to wilt sooner if the color is not all the way in).  The robin is a pastel I did a few year ago.

It's blazing hot here!  Hope you're staying cool.  I'm weaving in my air conditioned studio, drinking lemonade, and gardening in the very early morning.


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Peggy said...

Meant to post here way back when. Just wanted to say you were so nice to take a photo of the little moon cloth!