Sunday, July 31, 2016

American Made

Spent a lovely day at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art with my friend Ann.  We took a tapestry class, and got to catch the American Made show.  Lots of FABULOUS folk art!  Here's a shot of a lovely old, and gorgeously simple, hooked rug.

We're so lucky to have this absolute jewel of a museum in our area.  Going back soon to spend more time at the show.

I haven't been hooking, but wanting to..... just don't have a design idea right now.  Maybe something small that doesn't require too much time, planning, and wool.

I have been knitting on hubby's yellow socks.

They're bright, happy, and his favorite color.  I ordered this fabulous yarn from old bloggy friend Dag.  She has the most wonderful yarns that she spins and dyes.  Check out her Etsy store!

I've been working on a small garden project.  It seems that each spring I get a bit too excited to clean out my garden, and start pulling up vinca, leaves, etc.  Well I, more than occasionally, pull up other little plants that have been patiently waiting to come up on their own.  Sometimes I forget what they are, and replant.  So...... I started a little watercolor garden journal to help me remember.   These are my first two pages.

They are pretty sketchy and a bit abstract, but fun for me to paint this way.  I've since labeled the plants, and attached little packets to the back of each page for the cards of new plants, and maybe some seeds.  I have three more pages to go to complete this front garden.

Nice rainy day today.... planning to cut some of the pretty crepe myrtle that's profusely blooming at the moment and bring in a bouquet.  Loving summer, but feeling the tug towards fall.  Not yet though.


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