Monday, August 8, 2016

A Home With A Name

I took a fun class the other night at Lowlanders Yarn Shop.  I learned to broomstick crochet.  It was a great class, we received yarn, a hook, and a wee broomstick with the lesson.  I've been crocheting along, and due to an uncorrectable mistake (as in ripping everything out) I added a bit of ribbon.  Always good with shabby ribbon!

Something different, and thought the color variations very pretty.  May make a belt/and or scarf of it.

Working some more on my garden journal.  Finished page three.

I'm going to need two to three more pages to finish up this front garden section.  I really enjoy quick sketchy watercolor painting.  Not too much precision or thought.  Just paint!

We've had quite a bit of rain lately which always brings out the garden visitors.  Had this "lovely" nibbling about yesterday.

I like the happy surprise lilies off to the right.  Things are very lush right now and quite overgrown.  We don't do much about it as we like it like that.  I just control a couple of gardens close to the house and studio.  Feels and looks a bit like a jungle right now.

Peggy over at Woman With Wings wrote about naming her spot..... gardens, sacred spots, home..... and I've thought of this many times.  My idea is Stone Fox Cottage as that fits quite well with our stone house, stone fox head above the door, and the many fox families that have resided here over the years.  I decided to go with the Spanish translation because everything sounds better in Spanish and I'm getting ready to bring out and dust off the little I know for an adventure next year.  So the Spanish translation of Stone Fox Cottage is.......

casa de piedra de zorro
(quite fitting)


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