Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Secret Gardens and Small Things

My garden is changing quickly.  Less brights, but lots of greens and browns.... which are just as lovely.  I have one more page of my garden journal that I really need to get done so the project is complete for this year.  Already new ideas collecting for next spring as shade is heavier than ever, and I need to move away from some of my standard bloomers.  I'm actually already quite excited to make some changes, and plan to add a special page in my journal to record my 2017 garden ideas.

The above is a tiny secret garden we were steered to while visiting the little country town of Ava a week ago.  We went to attend the Saturday market on the square, and while visiting a wonderful little art gallery, the owner told us to check out her secret garden down the block.  It's not wide enough to stretch my arms between the two buildings.... and at the end she's painted a lovely mural on the skinny wall.  I just love it!  So sweet to take this wee space that no one really sees, and yet make it beautiful!

Speaking of wee creations, I made this tiny pillow last week.  It's actually a little pattern on linen I picked up several months ago.  I've been wanting to create and hook something large and grand..... but just can't come up with what I want, or the enthusiasm to do it.  So.... this little piece was enough to feel productive, and hopefully, jump start a new design.  It's only about 5"x10",  and just the right size to find a good spot.

Someone else has also found a good spot!  Little Iris on the hedge apple rug.  The yellow bird house behind her was one of the reasons we went to Ava.  There was a very old man selling them.  He had lots and lots.... all bright colors.  We ended up getting four!  They are finding homes in the yard, and also for gifts.

I never seem to tire of weaving on my triloom.  I especially like how this shawl turned out.  It's a special order, and will be moving on.  Hard one for me to let go of, but going to a lovely lady and a good home.

It's a bit muggy here.... but I'm feeling fall and good energy.

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Peggy said...

Hi Dulcy... Love that secret garden, makes me think of spaces like that, how they could be so wonderful if only...and the birdhouses, too...good idea for gifts. We are starting to have cooler nights, it is a celebration here when a person finally maybe needs a little sweater or a light jacket or a SHAWL (in my case!), I tell you! I love the one you show here, but love mine that you made even more. xxxoo