Friday, November 4, 2016

Always Good To Get Away

It's always good to get away, even for a few days.  It doesn't have to be far.... just a tank of gas or so.

We took off with the bikes to the wonderful Katy Trail that runs along the Missouri River.  Gorgeous scenery, and best of all, lots of wineries!

Here's honey after a long day of biking and photographing.

We also took time to do a nice portrait with my sturdy little bug and bike rack.

Lovely vineyards surround..... lots of fall color finally starting to explode.

One of the many things I love about Missouri, is the old and historical homes lovingly kept up in the small river towns.  This one is a beauty!

Another fun find are the barn quilts all over the place!  There are maps to all of them, but really, if you drive the back roads like we do, you're bound to spot several.  I just love the happy surprise when they pop up!

We spent a day and night in the quaint river town of Rocheport.  Had fun biking, wining and dining.  Took a few minutes to sit on the steps outside our B&B to sketch the cute little cottage across the road.

Home now and back in the studio weaving (and today, cleaning and organizing art supplies).  I'm really excited about rug hooking again, and having lots of fun with a new project.  Here's a peek.



Charlotte said...

What a beautiful part of the world and those quilts are gorgeous.

Nancy said...

You know you two have way too much fun, don't you think? I love to read a post like this where you just take off with your bikes behind your precious 'bug' and off you go exploring. My favorite picture of all is the one of you, Jim, the bug and bikes with that glorious sun shining down on you....Definitely a framer.....

marie said...

Glad you had a fun get-away. Love the rug-----can't wait to see the finish.

dulcy said...

Thanks Marie.... the rug is moving quickly. I may turn it into a pillow, but hopefully, will post the finished piece in a week or so.

dulcy said...

Nancy.....tried to visit your blog, but says I need a password? If you happen to read this, let me know how to visit you. Of course there's always FB, but blogs are more interesting :)