Monday, August 14, 2017

That's What I Do

Blog Post Time

I'm still at it.... can't seem to stay away.  And the true reason is that I'm continually wowed with several very awesome blogs I've seen lately.  Women who write about all kinds of interesting and somewhat relevant (depending) topics.  Art, fashion, hair, more art, books.   I haven't linked anything new in my sidebar, but will get to that soon.  Stay tuned as you'll discover some very funny, artistic, and thoughtful musings and photography.

So.... I'm

Sleeveless with shawl.  Tank underneath, and sort of a 
cool look as is.

Well, ok, it's just another shawl.  The story on this one is that I was not the least bit inspired by the color.  But I continued to weave just wanting it done and off the loom.  When finished I tea dyed some ribbon, dug out more of my dwindling supply of sari silk, but then.... happy, but not just super excited.  I rooted around in the studio, and came up with an unopened ball of some luscious gold thick/thin Italian yarn.  I added long streamers between all the ribbon and sari silk.  That did it!  Love it, and it looks and feels so fall, fall, fall!

Kinda loving this little "blowing in the wind" shot.

And here's


Willow's Dream mounted on canvas.  She's a sweetie for sure.  I think I got her little smile, and intensely blue eyes about right.  I dyed most of this wool, and what doesn't show up, is the very tiny gold threads that run through out.  Gives this piece a very subtle sparkle.  If you read my blog, you probably know this is wool hooked onto linen.  If not, well there you go..... that's what I do!

I'm trying to get up the courage to apply for a spot in a Chicago show.  I have the application bookmarked, but can't quite get to filling it out yet.  Not even sure what I'd enter.  Self-esteem, fear of failure, etc.  We'll see.... it all depends on my inner spark.  If I'm tired.... no way.... If I'm in a general burst of energy and creativity ..... there's a good chance I'll apply, then fret about it later.  

Ok.... hang in there.... here's something new!

I made a dress!

Picked up this cute Tina Givens pattern and fabric on complete impulse.  Just stared at it for a couple of weeks.  Then started to cut.  At that point I began to get a little excited.  I remembered my old sewing days (still use the used machine I bought when I was 18).... gathering, basting, etc.  What's completely wonderful with this pattern..... no facings, honoring the fray by leaving edges sewed to right sides, no darts or enclosures of any kind.  Actually, my cat could probably make this.   But I'm pretty  proud.  I'll wear it and have hubby take a photo.  It will be perfect this fall with tights, boots, and a very pretty pink shawl I have socked away.

Lastly, here's a dreamy shot taken the other day at Sandstone.... the most gigantic and truly magnificent garden store.  We went there and had a fab lunch, then drooled at all the concrete statuary and fountains.  Need a trip back with a truck!


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Peggy said...

Hi Dulcy, I'm loving what you did with the shawl. I wear the turquoise shawl that you made pretty often and usually get complimented every time as well. I want to order another one for fall so I'll be visiting your shop soon!
So fun to see what you've been making. Ha, I still use my same sewing machine too from when I was about 21.
Go for it on the art show, Dulcy, you have the creativity and talent and whatever else it takes. xoxo