Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Little Blue Cupboard

I haven't posted in ages, but a new blog post has been on my mind quit often.  I know readers get tired of the same old thing, and blogs are so much more time consuming than Instagram or some such photo sharing site.  But..... I do like keeping it going, and am regularly impressed and finding new interests when connecting with other bloggers.

My new life event has been renting out a very tiny flea market space in the most lovely flea market in town.  Really!  It's called the Vintage Peddler, and one day while visiting, I asked if there might be a small spot the size of maybe a cabinet.  A cabinet is about all I want to play with and be responsible for.  Well.... Shelly, the owner, had the perfect spot!

This gave me the perfect excuse to purchase this sweet blue cupboard that had spent many years in a local florist's shop.  So..... I call my spot The Little Blue Cupboard.  Not that any of the vendors name their spots that I know of, but how could I help myself!

Here's a few shots of some of the other lovely and inviting booths you can find at the Vintage Peddler.

I don't have many personal items that I'm wanting to move on, as I love most everything I own.  I tend to form very personal attachments to things....... but,  I do love a good garage or estate sale!  I only purchase what I would want in my own home, and only when the price is right!

Aside from flea marketing duties, I have been hooking small bags.  Love these tiny owl bags.  I used vintage french velvet ribbon for straps on two of them, and some gorgeous rust colored sari silk on the third.  Just the right touch!

Such fabulous fall colors!

And..... I recently finished weaving a new shawl.  Adding lots of long sari silk in the fringe.  Adds to a nice drape and more of a boho look.

I'm in major fall nesting mode at the moment.  Love tucking in and the change of light and color.  Hope you are enjoying a lovely fall too!


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summersundays-jw said...

I love the Blue Cupboard & I love being at the Vintage Peddler myself. Maybe your blogging today will give me the gumption to post one too! I've been staying close to home trying to get some Christmas things made.....almost Holiday Open House time.