Friday, January 28, 2011

Loving Living In My Right Brain!

I've been living in my right brain all week, and loving it!  I've said "NO" to all substituting jobs, and reserved my precious time for creativity.  I love the right brain feeling.... you know.... where you are moving from project to project, sleeping well, eating right, etc.  Yes, I know these moments don't last forever, but as I age, I recognize them for what they are and try to "make hay while the sun shines!"  Below are a few samples of my new rug.  It's a way long way from being finished, and my hooking techniques and color planning are evolving along with the rug.  I think it will be called Summer Jewels.

 I've also been struggling with my current pastel project.  It's very difficult and a frustrating piece for my inexperienced fingers.  What I'm showing you next is quite a way from being finished.  I still need to add all the individual pieces of fur over the pastel layering, finish my tree, and the rest of the cat.  But, I'm having such a good time working this one through.  Wonderful challenge!
You can see he's peeking through his wax paper window.  Grrrrr......

Yes.... more socks..... okay, I just really like knitting them.  There's such fabulous self-striping yarn available!  Also, I'm getting where I can pretty much knit these in my sleep.  Socks make a great little project to take when I'm visiting my mom, or T.V. watching.  It's very difficult for me to just sit and visit... or sit and do anything for that matter.....without something in my hands.
Note that I also added two new Somerset Publications that just came out.

I, probably like most of you, am anxiously awaiting spring to arrive.  Below you can find a new addition to our growing collection of yard art.  This little fellow was a Christmas present from Santa to my hubby, Jim.
This kitty is staying inside where it's nice and toasty until we find a new home for him somewhere among the flowers.  And speaking of flowers, here's a couple of darling and beautifully illustrated used books I found.  Great sources of artistic inspiration, and dreams of summer.
Well.... that's all at the doorstep for now.  It's already a beautiful day here, temps expected to make it to 60!!  Very unusual, and I intend to get outside and make the most of it.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Week's Snippets

I just received something I've been waiting for all week!

Oh my yes..... another lovely piece of Julie Whitmore pottery!  Just look at that rosebud handle... isn't it just the sweetest thing?!  Julie gave her fans a "heads up" as to when she was going to have new items in her Etsy shop.  Well, I'm telling you, everything was gone in a flash.  I'm not kidding!  You've got to be fast or make a special order if you want to snag a piece of her darling pottery.

I also received another treat by post....

lapis blue Birks, on major sale, ordered them Tuesday night at 6, and received them Wednesday.  No shipping charge from Zappos.  I love Arizona Birks with my hand knit socks.

I've been slaving in my studio all week working on a rug pattern.

Every time I'd get things how I wanted, I'd go and do my yoga practice.... while processing the whole design in my  head.... and end up redoing things again.  It's a pretty large rug, over three feet in width.  The following photo is pretty crazy looking, but there is a plan to include lots of pixelating and prodding.  Quick space fillers with lots of pzazz!

I just really need to start hooking this, because that's when things start to happen.  Usually, when the hook starts flying, I tend to take all kinds of unplanned detours.  I've been hooking bags since October (Christmas and Etsy shop), so a nice large rug is in order.  It was going to be a floor rug (they all start that way) but now with all the embellishing I'm planning it will have to definitely go on the wall.  Oh wait..... across the foot of the bed would be pretty gorgeous.  I'm thinking I'll be lucky to have this one done by summer or later.

While shopping yesterday at the National Art Shop for paper (I have a pastels class tomorrow) I found the cutest little book.

The Cat's Pajamas!  Is this darling or what?  My excuse for the purchase is reading it to our little granddaughter, Ava, when she comes to visit.  But actually, I bought it for the cuteness factor.

Other than creating, I've been trying to get outside when possible.  The horrible cold has kept me in this week, but the first part of last week was wonderful.  My husband and I walked at the Nature Center and I practically (I'm not kidding, I mean almost) tripped on a deer.  There were four in the group.  We also walked at Nathaniel Green Park, and once again lots of deer and turkey.  My brother and I took our binoculars and went to Springfield Lake where we were lucky to spot a bald eagle. And..... today a little groundhog scampered through the yard in the snow, which is a bit unusual since they are very deep hibernators.... but temps did get to 40 degrees.

Wow!  What an exciting life I lead!  Hope you're warm and toasty..... creating, reading, cooking, whatever makes you happy and content.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Dug In For Winter And Feeling Creative

Wow!  I haven't posted in awhile, but certainly have been busy..... With holiday season behind (it was a truly wonderful one this year), out of town family safely back home, and decorations snugly stashed until next year, I've dug in for a winter of art and crafting.

Below you can see my two new mini clutches that I've put into my little handbag and pattern shop.

I made these two little sweeties over the past week.  Fun working with some pretty pastels and a chance to dig into my tin of vintage buttons.

I recently have moved my sewing, hooking, knitting, triloom, easel, and pastels out to the studio that I share with my husband.

Below is a peek at my little sewing corner.  My machine is ancient (bought it used when I was 19) and I completely love it.... thought for a second, and only a second about replacing it with a new model that does all the stitches.... but I had this one tuned up instead, and it runs beautifully.  I've made so many outfits and curtains on this reliable workhorse over the many years.... can't bare to part with it.  I made the tablecloth last week.
I'll post more pictures of the studio after I get things "just right".

Remember my amaryllis that I wrote about just before Christmas?  Well, here she (all flowers are she's in my world) is! Ta Da!

Such a beauty!  The other two I planted, are doing fine except they are just sending up leaves instead of flowers.  I did everything I read to do, plus numerous conversations with my friends at the neighborhood nursery.... no luck.  Oh well, I'll tend to them and try again next year.

Hope your holiday was fabulous.  I'll be around soon checking in with everybody.