Tuesday, February 28, 2012


A very nice evening because............

The forsythia I cut and brought in a couple of weeks ago is now blooming.  Love it in my purple and green vase.

Blooming snowdrops on the kitchen windowsill............ so tiny and sweet.

My last amaryllis bloom is out.  I've had this plant blooming continuously since Christmas.  I love the vibrant greens and peach against the grey evening outside.

And.... the beginnings of a new hooking project in the works.  The charming vintage tin is a gifty from Jessy.  It contains lovely crafting supplies that will show up in later posts.

Lastly a quiche in the oven, a bit of yoga, followed by a glass of wine............sigh........... Oh, and Parenthood tonight (the most awesome show!).


Friday, February 24, 2012

A Pillow And Sock Color Explosion!

I finished this pillow last night, and it's been a relaxing kind of hook.  The kind where I had fun laying color and texture down next to each other.... loving the effect.... not knowing where it's taking me.  Nothing huge and time consuming.  Just a simple pillow.  I name everything, so I'm calling this one a "cozy splash of color" pillow.

It's currently living in my little Etsy shop.

You would think that I'd be soooo tired of knitting socks at this point in time, and at the very least have enough socks for every day of the week.  NO, not tired of it yet!  And, quite frankly, one can never have enough pairs of hand knitted socks.  I love my socks so much, and if there was a fire and I could only grab one thing (that's if every living thing was safely out of the house) I think I'd grab my little sock drawer.  I can't imagine the time and $$ it would take to replace each of my little pretties.  I found this springy bright sock yarn the other day and couldn't resist.  The colors remind me of those candy Easter eggs.  The ones with the kind of hard brightly colored outside, and the softer pure sugar decadence inside. 

Bright and cheery for early springtime hikes in the woods..............

I'm restocking my Etsy shop with a few patterns and some hooked items.  I hope to be adding some "happy's "  within the next couple of weeks.

Have a lovely weekend!

Monday, February 20, 2012


Jessy and I are wanting to wish you a lovely birthday, Charlotte.  Jessy has had this idea for awhile, and she made this luvvly jubbly bday wish bra.

Little Posey wanted to send her regards as well.............  All three of us are sending you the very best birthday wishes from Springfield, Missouri!

dulcy & Jessy

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rectangles, Squares, and Doc Marten Redo.........

I've been hooking squares and rectangles...... simply for fun and mixing up colors and materials.

So far I've used wool from past hooking projects, yarn, sock yarn.... and a new favorite... Twine!  Which is a very pretty neutral color, and hooked in easily.  I'm filling in background with leftover blacks of all kinds.  It's fun to make tiny color and texture combinations.  I love the way they all come together with the black.  I think this will eventually become a large pillow.

Today I had coffee with Jessy.  She is always doing the most lovely things for me.  Jessy took my stiff Doc Marten oxfords and gave them a good going over.  They were just too hard to break in.  I think that if you are going to invest in DM's you should buy them when you're about 30.  Hopefully, in 20 years they'll be just right.  Well, I just don't have that kind of time to invest in a shoe relationship!  Jessy gave them her famous "HOBO treatment".

I proudly wore these to our coffee date.  Now I know perfectly well this look may not be for everyone, but I just LOVE THEM!  Theyre sooooo cute with handmade knitted socks.  Also soft and broken in.  Another great use for wool strips are the ties.  I can change those out whenever to go with whatever.  Such fun!

Go forth and create, redo, and repurpose!


Friday, February 10, 2012

Bits and Pieces

It's been a dull grey week here in the Ozarks, but always little delights to perk up the days.  One of my UK blog pals, Charlotte,  does the MOST AMAZING artwork.  Actually, she does lots of different things as well as being a teacher (and I know, finding time to do art and teach can be a challenge).  I have been adoring her hand painted and felted creatures for some time now.  I found this so so sweet little mousey in Charlotte's Etsy shop, Hills of Nottingham.

Isn't she just the cutest!  I named her Posey.  The story goes that she stowed away on an plane heading to the US and straight to my town.  Charlotte notified me of this, so I snatched her up and brought her home to live in various spots in my house that meet our fancy on a particular day.  Since she is soooo small (and can you believe that painting and handwork?) Posey can reside just about anywhere.  Right now she is sitting on the fireplace mantle where she can be admired easily by myself, hubby, and visitors dropping by.  Please check out Charlotte's blog Chest of Delights.

I spent part of one day this week finishing up this little mat.  It's something I started last winter using various scraps of wool and some needle felting.  This design is very loosely based on a corner of my living room.  I drew it off during a yucky and lengthy foot surgery recuperation.  I spent many days on the couch staring at this spot (and watching ALL the episodes of Mad Men on my iPad.... I love you John Hamm!).

Yesterday afternoon was spent on the beginnings of another hooking project inspired by the on-line class I'm currently taking from Deanne Fitzpatrick.  She encouraged us to work on squares experimenting with different materials.  I used lots of wool, yarn, and a new favorite.... twine!  I've decided to turn this piece into a large pillow.  I love hooking just color, and not thinking about the design quite so much.  Very therapeutic! 

Another perk to my week was a visit by my creative and gorgeous girlfriend, Jessy.  She spoils me with smashing little gifts of the most vintage kind.  She showed up with this fab Singer sewing supply box.

She knew this was one of my "go to" colors.  Plus it looks soooo perfect next to my 1964 Singer out in the studio.  But.... Oh.... the best part are the treats inside!

There's this darling little vintage full body mirror.  It's inside this wonderful box that it originally came in.  Also, this vibrant beautiful color of heavy thread for my new hooking project,  and...... these absolutely darling little turquoise and gold heart earrings.  I was thrilled!!  Please visit Jessy over at LuvvlyJubbly.

Have a happy weekend!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Color That Inspires........

Beautiful day today, with color starting to pop up all over the place.  Walked with my friend Ann at the park, and daffodils were up and blooming!  But..... this is supposed to be our only pretty day this week, so glad I spent some time outdoors.  Speaking of color I played with some bits of wool left over from my Water Garden Rug.  You may remember it from an earlier post....
I decided to hook some "for fun" stars.  I like the bits of color dangling from the mantle.

Don't you just love the bright colors next to the old stone?

This weekend I decided to start a new pastel....... The color green was on my mind, and I have an amaryllis getting ready to bloom in this lovely green pot.  I needed to draw it before it bloomed because I felt drawn to the combination of this green with sort of an eggplanty color.  This particular amaryllis had already bloomed once, and the flowers were peach.  Peach posies would not work for me!

I'm still working on it a bit, but I wanted this painting to feel a little more free than some of the other pieces I've done in the past.  I am more drawn to a set of colors that I want to work with instead of a particular set-up or composition.  I wonder if I think backwards...............

Last night was a cold evening spent with Violet on my lap.....

I'm thinking this little face may be my next pastel......


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Joanne May Illustration

There's two things that really make my day.  Winning a blog giveaway, and receiving something wonderful in the mail.  Of course, if one wins a blog giveaway, more than likely, that person will receive something in the mail........... but getting a package in the mail is just so exciting for me!

One of my favorite blog pals is Joanne over at Joanne May Illustration.  Joanne makes jewelry, and creates fabulous art.  She had a blog giveaway for one of her fairy brooches awhile back.  I entered, then sort of forgot about it, and out of the blue I get an email from Joanne informing me that "I'm the winner!" Joanne is so generous because she lives way over in England, and I'm here in kind of the middle of the U.S.  I didn't really think about this when I entered.  She's soooo kind to send this lovely brooch all the way across the Atlantic to my little home in Missouri.

What a sweet little package with one of her illustrated cards......
And inside was this beautiful fairy brooch.  Don't you just love it?!  You can find Joanne's creations in her Etsy Store.

Thanks Joanne!

p.s.  Please check out her blog..... you've just GOT to see her Bengal cat!!