Friday, July 27, 2012

Fingerless Gloves In July, Oh My!

I'm on a knitting spree at the moment.... I've been knitting little fingerless gloves.  It makes noooo sense since the temp outside is sitting at 100 and doesn't budge day after day after day after............

This pair was knitted with a nice Noro yarn that's a cotton silk blend.  I crocheted the ribbon edging.

This second pair was knitted from the same skein of yarn.  This yarn knits nicely into a scarf as the colors gently blend.  I crocheted a little edging and added the vintage buttons.  There's thumb holes in both these pairs that you can't see here.  I guess I should have modeled them for you.  They're very cute on!  I've got another little brown flecked wool pair on my needles at the moment.

I've started another blog!  It's called dulcy likes, and is about lifestyle issues and wonderful discoveries and changes that are occurring around me during this new stage of life.  This stage of freedom that retirement from 23 years of teaching has brought upon me.  I've noticed that so much around me and about me is going through a metamorphosis and growth.  I think it has to do with having the same job for so long.... a job I LOVED.... but the sameness of things was beginning to take it's toll.  Now everyday feels new, and I love the freedom of unplanned time.  My new blog is a place where I'll share new products, ideas, fashion changes, food, people, art, books, whatever I'm having fun with at the moment.  Nothing huge, but just the day to day issues and likes that I've been experiencing.  I enjoy blogging, but have been feeling a bit stale discussing rug hooking all the time.  I'm still hooking!  No plans to stop!  But..... just have other things I'd like to show and tell that I thought might be fun on a different platform.  Please drop by to say "hello" and see what I'm "liking" at the moment!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mini Projects!

I've been plodding along in the heat, hooking, some knitting, and a bit of pastel painting.  Last weekend we were invited to a little outdoor party.  I wanted a small over the shoulder bag just for lipstick and my sunglasses.... so I quickly dug through my wool and found a great combo of colors to make a posy pouch to wear with my dress for that evening.  Not modeling the dress here, but this little bag went perfectly and I was very pleased!

 Just a simple little prodded number.  The strap is from leather my bestie, Jessy, gave me rescued from an old belt.  Below is a shot of the back.

Again, very simple but funky and fun.  It can also hold my phone, keys and a twenty if needed....

I had started a pair of socks last fall, but didn't finish after the first one because I ended up not liking the yarn.  So.... A couple of weeks ago I picked the project back up and knitted the mate.  Then.... I crocheted this bit of slate blue to fem them up a bit.  I kind of love them now.... great with my clogs!

This week I decided I'd been away from my easel for too long.... I've been wanting to work a little more on painting glass, and here's my effort. 

Just a bit of fun practice using colors that I love.....

It's a wasteland here, and I don't mean just the heat.  Every SINGLE ONE of our yarn shops has closed!  It's just awful!  But...... there is the most wonderful shop called One City Market in a little town east of here.  It's in an old farmhouse that's stocked to the rafters with yarn and other goodies.  They also give mini classes, so I'm looking forward to taking one on intarsia.  I've sort of taught myself, but not with the greatest results.  While visiting this sweet shop today I picked up yarn for two new projects.

It's so nice to have a well stocked knitting basket again!

Stay cool!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

These photos are a series my husband, Jim Mayfield, put together documenting the arrival, nest building, and raising of the yellow crested night herons that visit our neighborhood each year.  This year we have been lucky enough to have a pair residing right above our garage with easy visual access.  You can watch the progression of nest building as the herons tediously fly back and forth one stick at a time........Turn up the sound... the awesome music is by our friend, musician Dean Billingsley.  Enjoy!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Birds and Bags

Hello Friends!

So good to be back blogging again!  I've had a wonderful summer so far. My days revolve around  hooking, knitting, painting, gardening, reading, swimming,  and visiting with friends.  Of course I've also been cleaning, cooking, pulling weeds, paying bills, watering, watering watering .... you get the picture..... everyday life.

What I've really enjoyed this summer is bird watching!  I'm a card carrying, binoculars on a strap around my neck, member of the Audubon Society.  My hubby bought me a pair of super duper binoculars for my birthday. I now can see things far away, really really close up, and crystal clear!

 The above shot is me looking up at our family of yellow crested night herons.  Four of these "cuties" are now learning to fly and are all over our yard.  I can practically walk right up to them, as they seem to be very used to us now.  They've been watching down from their nest as we work around the yard and have our evening "deck time".  Deck time is a nightly affair that involves wine, sitting, and doing nothing.

We are also enjoying the family of adult cooper's hawks with their four new babies.  These sweeties are huge, and they whistle all day.  They swoop among the trees, and I can hear them whistling right now as I write this post!

These babies usually can be seen in the bird bath trying to battle the 100 degree plus temperatures!

And what outdoor nursery wouldn't be complete without triplet baby fawns and their mother roaming about?  These little guys suddenly appeared the other night.  They ran all over the place while mama drank from the pond.

So, it can be hard to get much done around here aside from wildlife watching and photographing, but I have managed to be a bit creative.

Below is my gazing ball pillow.  The pattern is from Primitive Spirit. 

 I think it turned out absolutely gorgeous!  I wasn't sure where I would put it, but seems to work nicely resting on my little gold-checked wing-backed chair.

I'm sooooo excited to be going to New York in the fall!  One of the things I'll be doing is attending a wool festival.  This trip was just what I needed to put me into high gear and make a new fall tote to carry on my journey.  I was trying decide color and design, when the obvious choice came to me.  My love for hedge apples!  I love the color, texture, and shape of these fall beauties.

The colors I chose evolved from the greens.... I knew I wanted a grey background.  I think hooked bags look their very best after being carried awhile with a bit of wear.  This one may come out late summer to very early fall so it will be nice and a bit frumpy for the New York trip.

Below is a quick shot I took of the inside before I assembled the bag.  I wanted roomy pockets so I wouldn't be digging for stuff all the time.

I've made other bits of this and that, but this has been sort of a lengthy post, so I'll share more of my life and creative endeavors here at the doorstep on another day.