Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What's New?

Summer has always been a time for new things in my life.  I guess it has to do with all the years I taught school.  When summer vacation rolled around, time seemed so precious.  I always wanted to cram it with projects and new learning experiences.  Once school started back up, very little time was left to pursue anything that wasn't about school, working on my masters for school, attending meetings, professional development,.....well..... if you've taught, you get it.

Even though I've been gone from teaching for five years, it's hard to change my need redo, revamp, invent, and create during the summer.  You may notice a few new blogs on my sidebar.  You may also notice that a few others aren't there.  I still follow the same blogs, and those can be found under the little blurb about me (which is in definite need of an update).  Before, I was immersed with primitive rug hooking, and have sort of left that to move on to a more abstract form of the art.  I'm still having fun making bags and finished this one for my lovely friend Janet.

It's similar to some I've done in the past, but larger.  I did a different treatment for the strap.  Instead of wool, I used a natural linen ribbon that's reinforced on both sides with wire.  This causes it to crunch, twist, and fold in the most wonderful way!  I looped some gorgeous sari silk ribbon to the sides to finish it off.  I think Janet looks fabulous with her new bag!

We did a fun, fun trade!  Janet creates many treasures, but what I wanted was a set of her hand knotted fresh water pearls.  She made me a gorgeous choker and bracelet.

The jewelry was nestled inside the white curly lamb yarn in this sweet little birdie box.  I felt like it was Christmas! I received these yesterday, and haven't had them off except for this photo!

A new project that I'm VERY EXCITED about is sketching.  I'm following new blogs and sites on Pinterest that are about sketchbooking on the go.  I have a precious tiny book of handmade paper that I thought would be perfect.  I bought the sweetest little set of Winsor Newton watercolors.  It all fits easily into my bag and I'm ready to sketch.  Here's a few tiny watercolors I did yesterday.

I'm trying to stay loose and fast.  A bit more abstract, with not too much attention to detail.  What appears to be smudges and petals in the background are rose petals, leaves, and stems that are made into the paper.  I'm planning on attending an online sketchbook school that begins in a few weeks.  I'm excited!

So.... that's a bit of creativity here at the doorstep.  Hope you're finding lovely, wonderful, and new adventures this summer!



Charlotte said...

I love the sketchbooking Dulcy. The speed sketching is really revealing and gets to the heart of the subject. Lovely post, lovely summer to you.

summersundays-jw said...

Love the little watercolors. Think my problem is always that I try to be too precise (& I don't really like precise). Maybe, I'll give it a try. Love the pearls & your bag, as always, is wonderful. Enjoy your summer! Jan

Tammy Burks said...

Dulcy, Love the picture of Janet with her new bag! What an awesome trade!! I'll have to post what I've been sketching as well soon!

Peggy said...

Love watching where you're going, from right here on my doorstep. :)

Pixie said...

Beautiful sketches dulcy, just wonderful...so many talents you have,and an excellent eye for colour. Xx