Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Guatemala Rug Hooking Adventure

I had an adventure!

I went to Guatemala with my friend, Mary.

We hooked rugs with Mayan women.  The trip was sponsored by Multicoloures, an organization that brings handcraft skills and art to women in various countries around the world. 

I rug hooked with my beautiful new amiga, Estella.

We both worked on rugs of our own, but the Mayan way of rug hooking is quite different than what I'm used to.  Their rugs are made completely with used clothing, mostly cotton, all the loops have no raw edges.  All cut by hand and are mind blowing!

Estella helped me with a design and picking out materials.  I wasn't able to finish while in Guatemala, but worked on it until done at home.

I'm now in the process of binding it off with covered cording.  I'm really happy with the results, very different from my usual style, and got me out of my rug hooking "box" a bit.

One of the many happy surprises in Guatemala was meeting another Dulcy!

I'll share more of this amazing journey.



twig said...

I went on the rug hooking trip in 2016 and it such an Amazing and well planned trip... I encourage any rug hooker to go if at all possible! Will look forward to your next posts!

summersundays-jw said...

What an adventure!!! Loved the rug you hooked & will be looking forward to more. Happy Easter!

Karen Piehl said...

hi dulcy! this trip sounds so wonderful! tell us more about how they use their strips without the raw edges. do they fold them under? how interesting! thanks for your new post, karen