Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Painted Shoes!!

I saw these fabulous painted shoes in the new Gudrun Sjoden catalog.  Just darling!  And I lusted for a pair until I saw that they cost $190.00!!!!
So..... I awoke very early yesterday and was thinking about these shoes.  I remembered I had these old mossy green canvas slip-ons that I've hardly ever worn, but have had forever.  I almost got rid of them this week while on a clean-out, take no hostages, kind of spree. 

I dug them out and started going through my bjillion bottles of craft paints.  Here's the beginning of my new painted shoes project..........

I painted them last night.  Today I started the fun creative part and ended up with these......
No..... they're not Gudrun, leather with spiffy flowers..... but price $0.00.  Satisfaction of renewing something old into something new and fun..... priceless (well, maybe not priceless... but it sure beats spending $190.00!).


Friday, January 27, 2012

Winter And Fiber Go Oh SOOOO Well Together!!!

This week I've been staying close to home and relishing in cleaning out, getting rid of, and finishing projects in preparation for something new.  I'm soooooo pleased that hedge apple rug is finally done!
I've had more fun with this rug than any I've done in quite awhile.  I really wanted to put this one to bed because I'm starting Deanne Fitzpatrick's on line class next week.  I'm very excited to take a class from Deanne, and hoping that her wonderful instruction will help me on my hooking journey to being more free with my designs, textures, and colors.

I'm still having fun digging into old linens and making them new and happy again.  This is a set of Ralph Lauren pillow cases I found in a sale bin and bought ages ago.  They don't really go with a thing (which never keeps me from using things I love in my home), but they've now reached that lovely texture of softness and fray.  I blanket stitched the edges and corners to keep them whole.

Really, I'm serious when I say that this is so much more gratifying than buying something new!  I've got two more sets I plan on spiffing up, and a top sheet.  Such winter fun!

Speaking of fun....... Had coffee with gal pal Jessy from Luvvly Jubbly the other day.  If you haven't checked out her blog..... Please check in regularly!  She has so MANY wonderful ideas to make new from old, and she posts all the time.  She made these DARLING fiber bracelets for me!
I've been wearing at least one of them everyday.  Love wearing them with my knitted heart rings!

Wishing you a most lovely and cozy weekend........

Friday, January 20, 2012

Embrace The Fray!

Several years ago I bought a set of sheets because I loved the pattern and they were made in France (what that has to do with anything, don't ask me).  I'm not proud to say that I spent way too much (wouldn't dream of doing that now), and was disappointed with how they have worn over the years.  I should have returned them, but it seem like too much trouble at the time.  On the flip side, I love how wonderfully soft they've become, even though they've been ripping and fraying at the seems and folds.  My fabulously creative friend, Jessy, had this wonderful post on her blog about "embracing the fray" and updating her old and soft bed linens.  Well, I got all inspired, as I do whenever I check out Jessy's blog, and got busy.
First, I ripped off the top edge of the top sheet because it was ripping off all by itself whenever I made the bed.  I then resewed it with my trusty old gal (I bought Ms. Singer used when I was 19 years old, and wouldn't part with her for the world).  I added the rick rack because I love rick rack, and..... because it is covering and holding together some tears.  Oh, and I left the lovely fraying edge at the top and just under the edge of the rick rack.  I love that part!

The pillowcases came next.............
Now.... these pillowcases required different kinds of repairs.  The fraying at the top was so bad it was starting to tear all over the place.  So, I gave up a tad of length and turned it under and let Ms. Singer do her thing.  I added the rick rack for the same reason as on the sheet...... tears and I love rick rack!
The corners had developed holes large enough to put your finger through.  Here's where I knew the bottom sheet would have to be sacrificed, which already had a tear down the middle and I hadn't used it in years.  I used it to make little corner pockets which I had to hand sew on.
It's not the neatest repair job, but I like it this way.  My hubby saw me at work, and asked if I was, "hoboing up our sheets?"  I told him to mind his own business, and he just rolled his eyes.  He knows that when I have out my sewing kit and scissors flying it's best to just walk away.  This may seem like an awful lot of time and work for an old set of sheets, and who knows if they'll last much longer.  I just love doing things like this!  I embrace the feeling of something old being reborn, not bringing new stuff into the house, and not spending any $$..... of course there was the rick rack expense..........

Other completed crafty projects are..........
Knitted socks done and ready for a walk.

All my little knitted rings found wonderful new homes in Seattle, thanks to Jessy..... I have since made these and am making more to be adopted, but in the meantime, I enjoy sitting them on the mantle.  I don't decorate for Valentine's, but do like this little touch of hearts.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Cold and Windy Day Arts and Crafts

Yesterday was somewhat snowy and oh.... so cold!  Not a bad kind of day for me because it kept me close to home.  I was bound and determined to do a new pastel this week.  I wanted something different to set on my fireplace mantel.  I love this little old pitcher, so I just stuck some dried flowers in it and started laying down the color............
When I do a painting, I usually first think about the colors I would like to work with before I have an actual still life or design in mind.  This sort of aquay color is a color I gravitate to whether it's art, fabric, paint, whatever.   This piece measures 11"x14".

I'm just about finished with two long overdue projects.  I'm sure you'll also be pleased to see these done and off the blog!  Socks and hedge apple rug soon to be put to bed!
I really like laying this black, white, and grey sock wool against the colors of the rug.  This color and wool combination really pleases my eye.

I'm still enjoying knitting and felting the little heart rings.  I have a tiny army of them on my mantle.
Actually, five of these little guys have been sent out of town to friends, but more are in the works!  Why do I need so many?  They're fun and quick to make, fun to wear, and waaay fun as giveaway happys to friends!

Lastly, a quick shot of our Willow lazying by the fire on a very cold evening!

Stay warm and hopes for a most lovely weekend!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Jim's Back!

You may remember this video about my husband, Jim Mayfield, from sometime last year.  I had it posted for quite a bit, but then it disappeared.  This video was put together by Bob Linder, a fabulous photographer......  and .......... husband to my bestest of friends, Jessy!  I told Jessy that I couldn't find the video any longer so her hubby Bob came to the rescue.  I really, really love this piece.  Bob did such a nice job capturing the essence of Jim and his work.  Thought I'd share it again........

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ring In The New Year

I'm more than a bit obsessed with knitting these adorable little rings...........
My sweet friend Pixie has them over at her place The Crafte Nook.  She found the pattern, and I got the pattern for this wristie at Tiny Owl Knits .

You knit them, then felt them in your hand.  I needle felted the hearts instead of knitting them in.
I set a few on the mantle to look at because they're just so darn cute!
You can also see another treasure, one of my mother's fabulous Ukrainian eggs.

Today I went for a long overdue coffee with my dear, dear friend Katie
 Doesn't her little felted heart ring look smashing with her pretty dark lilac nail polish?  I'm going to knit up gobs more as gifties for my friends.  If you knit (or not) check out this free pattern and tutorial.  Easy to make, cheap (using only scraps of yarn), and a perfect little gift for yourself and gal pals.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


So many, as my dear friend Katie would say, "happys" right now in my life.  Simple things just make me want to get started with my day and see what transpires.  Right now color has got me in it's grips.  My current rug hooking project has not gotten to be the least bit tiresome... and I'm almost done with the hooking part.  Usually at this point I'm screaming to finish and move on to something new.  It's working with these colors that keeps me inspired.........

Other joys are, of course, my friendships.  My friend, Ann, is now a happily retired art teacher.  She and her friend Linda are creating the most awesome Hope Vases that they take to hospitals and other places where people are ill.  They also sell their vases to make more $$ for supplies to make more vases.  Please visit their blog.  The other day Ann and I went to lunch and she gave me this delicious ginger tea.  I adore simple and consumable gifts.... and I love this box!

 Another lunch date with my fabulous friend Jessy
She's growing her hair out silver, and rocking this soft blonde look at the moment.  Sweet Jessy gave me this most thoughtful little basket full of happys.....
Fun goodies to play with.  Jessy made me this wonderful date book.  It's put together in her luvvly jubbly fashion.... and it's my most fav thing!  I carry it everywhere!
See the little sewing kit she added?  Isn't it just the sweetest thing?!

And while I'm blogging about simple wonderful happys, I must include our most incredible Botanical Center where I walk almost daily.
There's a gorgeous lake full of water fowl, and trails that follow a beautiful wooded creek.  We are so lucky to have a better than average parks department here.  There's trails that go all over our city, and are connecting with other nearby towns around the state. 

Well friends...... thanks for reading about my little happys in this corner of the world.  I know you have your most wonderful happys wherever you are........ and I love visiting and seeing your world.