Friday, March 30, 2012

Springy Hooked Rugs....

It's such a beautiful morning here in the Ozarks, so I thought I'd photograph a couple of spring rugs outside to share with you.  It's about 7:30 a.m.

This is my recently finished teapot rug.  I've found a temporary spot for it in front of my wool cabinet, but not wild about it as a permanent home.  Which begs the question "how many are too many rugs to have out at once?"  I would really be interested to know your take on this subject.  Those of you who have accumulated many rugs over the years, and if you're like me, don't wish to part with most of them...... what do you do?  Where do you put them?  Do you just rotate around, store most of them, have them all out at once?  Just curious.....

I really love this little rug among the violets and all the green.  Too bad this spot outside can't be a permanent home for this little spring teapot..........

I do roll some of my rugs up and put away until another season.  This one I call "Summer Jewels" and it just came out of the closet today.

It will live in front of the fireplace for spring and summer.

This little table mat is currently the background for a very few of my vast collection of Ukrainian eggs done by my mother many years ago.  She also made the little rabbit that's tucked in with the eggs.  Mom was a doll maker for many years.  Her dolls were in shops across the U.S.  I inherited my "busy hands" and the need to always be creating from my mom.

Below are a couple of springy mixed fiber pieces I've done over the past couple of years.  They are both loosely based on scenes from my windows into the backyard and outside the kitchen.  I did them both sort of willy nilly in that I just hooked, grabbed scraps of this and that, stuck in some beads.... that kind of project.  They hang in my laundry room.

And if you're wondering why I would hang art in my laundry room..... the answer is "I love my laundry room!"  I didn't photograph it for you, but it's very small and cute with two large wonderful windows.  I hang lots of cheery colorful whimsies that I love to change around on the walls.....

Have a lovely springy kind of weekend!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fiber Loves and Frustrations....

I've been having sewing machine problems that result in just horrible language coming from that frustrated place deep inside me.  I was sharing my latest exasperations with my fabulous pal Jessy, and she said it sounded like ill fitting bobbins.  You may want to stop here because this bobbin talk could be getting a bit too boring.  Anyway, before I could even write "get new bobbins" on my to do list, Jessy had popped over to the sewing machine shop and got me just the right thing.  Problem solved!
Now Jessy can't just give them to me in a sack..... instead she sews up this darling little package with this lovely vintage Dutch girl to keep them in.  Soooo sweet!

I decided to try them out pronto.... and grabbed this piece of scrap linen and sewed up the sides.  Smooth sailing, and no nasty language.

Well, we're going to some friends home tonight for dinner.  I like to take my favorite luscious and cheap wine, Mad Housewife!
It's a nice cabernet, and you've just got to love that label! 
I'll use my new somewhat shabby little linen bag as an alternative to a paper sack to deliver the wine in.
I think this is a much nicer presentation than a paper sack.  Don't you?

Yesterday I finished hooking my teapot welcome rug.  I haven't thought of anything cute to name it yet.  It's one of those projects that I wasn't just real excited about, but the colors worked out so beautifully that now I'm just thrilled with the results!  This combination is very much "my colors".

I got most of the wool for this project from my friend Tammy at Skip To My Ewe.

It's easy to get wool from Tammy because we live in the same town.  Lots of fun looking at wool, drinking coffee, and discussing upcoming projects and adventures.  I'm going to do my first crocheted border on this one.  I got a lovey print that blends nicely with the rug.  I don't want anything too strong that makes it look outlined.  Just a pretty soft crochet.  I'm so excited to do this!

Oh dear, I'm somewhat embarrassed to show you this, but I couldn't resist running out to get more sock yarn.

I was over at Primitive Spirit
reading Karen's blog and she had a picture of her hand knitted socks. Well, before the day was over, my friend Ann and I had driven out to this wonderful little knit shop outside of town and purchased some new yarn.  It's like just the picture puts this suggestion into my head and I HAVE to knit socks!  I know it's about keeping my hands busy when I'm not hooking or doing other things.  I can't just sit and visit or watch TV without doing something.  I do really like this color pattern.

Enough for now.  Enjoy this lovely weekend!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Night Out!

I don't usually post a whole lot that's not about hooking or other arts and crafts, but thought I'd share a quick couple of photos from last night.  My husband took me to the B.B. King concert held at a lovely old theater here called The Gillioz.  It was built in 1924 and is very ornate and beautiful.  He was able to get some nice shots of B.B.

B.B. is 86 years old, so he was not able to stand, but still sang and played.  He had a magnificent full band behind him.

The real treat for me was Beverly McClellan!  I didn't realize she was opening for him.  You may have seen her on The Voice.  Oh my gosh!  She's a singing playing machine!  What a voice......

I shamelessly asked her to let my husband take our picture after the show.  I think she is positively gorgeous!

And......... just a quick peek at spring in our yard as your turn up the drive.  There are red buds everywhere, and the view is emerald green and pink........ accented by this sunshine bright forsythia!

Happy Day!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Spring!

This is a rather long, 9 minutes, ode to spring.  But.... if you have the time to watch it until the end it's well worth it.  Gorgeous color and fabulous old animation!  Happy Spring!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Color, Hooking, and Inspiration Everywhere!

It's been a way busy week here at the doorstep!  Grandchildren visiting over spring break has made for much happiness, fun, and lots of arts and crafting.  Below is a shot of my two favorite girlies, Ava and Emma (Ava is our grand daughter, and Emma is my dear little friend and neighbor).  Each of these sweeties has a new hooked posy pouch draped over her shoulder.  I love seeing a little girl carrying a cute tiny bag!

I realize it's not officially springtime yet, but you wouldn't know that if you could see out my window.  Redbuds are starting to pop, daffodils have been up for at least two weeks, and green is everywhere!  I get sooo completely jazzed this time of year.  The new Gudrun catalogs are my favorite, and they're bursting with color!

I'm finding the golds, greens, and blues especially captivating right now.  Even though we've been turned upside down with kiddos this week, I've found lots of time to work on my new teapot rug.

It's so exciting working with the golds, reds, mossy greens, and dusty purple and lavender.  I come back to this color combination often.

A new favorite blog of mine is Karen's Primitive Spirit.  There are so many rug hookers and pattern designers that I've admired over the years.  Everything from primitive to abstract to very realistic.  But the one I always come back to for inspiration is Karen Kahle.  I was able to take a workshop of Karen's several years ago and was awed by her designs and ability to teach color technique.  I don't order patterns anymore, but I do like to order from Karen.  She recently had a lovely post on her blog showing some of her pillows.... I'm a lover of gazing balls, and have a few sitting around in my gardens.  I couldn't resist acquiring her gazing ball pillow pattern.  I received it the other day wrapped in lovely paper with this pretty paisley tag.  I'm trying to save it for a hook-in coming up in April, but I don't think I'll be able to leave it alone until then...........

Karen has a virtual geometric chair pad tutorial over at her blog that is fabulous!  I haven't gotten in on it yet, but plan on it between the teapot and the gazing ball.

The other night, while hooking and enjoying a glass of wine, I looked up at my mantel and decided to take a quick shot of it to share.  Far be it from me to actually move my frame and stand up to take the picture (my photographer husband would be so disgusted with my photographic laziness).  My mantle is a place I like to change around with the season.  It's a catch-all for some of my favorite things.

I did the robin pastel, and the floral was done by my painter pal Kathryn Glover.
Various vases were made by local potter friends.  My favorite piece is the little pysanky egg done by my mother.  It's a place that seems to become a home for art and outdoor finds such as flowers, rocks, and bird feathers.  I change it around constantly.

Thanks for dropping by, and I hope your weekend is spring filled, restive, and creative.


Friday, March 9, 2012

Spring Colors and Projects

I've been hooking, knitting, and straightening my studio area (that's for approaching grandchildren visit... they'll need a place to craft and create).  You may remember my recent post showing off my new candy colored sock yarn....

Well..... hubby seemed to take a shine to the first one I had done.  His birthday was this week, and  after knitting like a madwoman over the past few days this is how things turned out....

Yes.... they made a lovely birthday present.  Actually, I was so happy that I could finally knit him something he would wear.  I think they look smashing with his black slippers!

I've been working on another little posy pouch.  Such a fun way to use up small wool pieces and strips.

My friend Jessy made the leather button, and she also found a braided leather belt at a thrift store, took it apart, and gave me pieces to use for straps.

All week I've been itching to start a new hooking project, but couldn't come up with anything concrete.  Sooo.... I've been thinking about hooking my old copper tea kettle into a design for sometime now.   Don't really know where it's going from here.  The red bird showed up after watching them flit around the feeder this morning.  There may be a couple of rabbits that appear in the background and some flowers.  I feel like hooking something for spring.  Something that can lay in front of the fireplace or on the back of a chair.

As you can see, this piece of linen has had other incarnations that just didn't work out.  Maybe this one will be the last.  I really don't think it can take anymore drawings on top of drawings or empty hooking holes. 

Have a lovely and creative weekend...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Some Old Favorites

Just a few old favorites.  I've been looking at the old trying to decide what I want to do next.  Looking for patterns and styles..... wanting to be different...... dreaming of new color combinations.  Do I want to do something large or small.  A new pillow perhaps, or maybe more bags.... another larger piece.  I've been washing and repairing older rugs.  Getting them off the garden shed floor.  Mixing things up.  Maybe just playing with the old will help me conjure up the new.


Friday, March 2, 2012

Hooking Small...........

I'm in a hooking phase where I just want to hook small quick projects.  I've come off the end of two good sized rugs, and I'm just plain tired of something long and drawn out.  I'm sure some of you know exactly what I mean.  I've been playing with hooking little bags.  I like to scale way down in the spring and summer.  I usually have a larger bag that I work out of, but when I'm ready to head out the door for coffee with friends, a movie, or dinner out with hubby..... I like to go small and simple.

It's my little "posy pouch" perfect for a bit of cash, cards, lipstick, and keys.  Yes, sometimes the phone needs to be left behind.  And I feel better for it!

Easy back closure with vintage pearl button.

A nice long leather strap so it can be draped over my head and across my shoulder.  Don't have to think about "where's my purse?"

I've finished my first "Easter Candy Sock".

It's been a joy watching the candy colored yarn evolve into vibrant stripes as I hook.  These will be fun early spring sockies to wear!

Hopes to you for a joyful and creative weekend!